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How to switch to a different paid plan
How to switch to a different paid plan

When you're on a paid plan, you can upgrade and downgrade anytime. Here's how.

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When you're already on a paid plan and your needs change, you can switch to a different plan at any time:

  • Upgrade instantly to a higher plan to increase your limits.

  • Downgrade to a lower plan at the end of the current billing period.

1. Only Owners and Admins can make changes to plans and billing. If you're neither, please contact one so they can do it for you.
2. You need to know the billing email address, which is the email you used to sign up for a paid plan in the first place.

Open the Plan page

As an Owner or Admin, log in at
Then click the User Menu at the bottom left and choose Plan:

Log in to your Customer Portal

On the Plan page, click the blue Manage Your Subscription & Invoices button.

Then enter your billing email (the email you had used to buy your paid plan in the first place - could be different from the email you use to log in):

Check your Inbox

Stripe will send you an email with a secure login link to your billing email address. Open that email, click the link, and you're taken right to your Customer Portal:

Select your new Plan

Click the Update plan button and select a new plan:

Click the Continue button and confirm the change, and you're done!

Final Tips

The upgrade to a higher plan is instant: You'll be billed right away for the new plan, and the cost of the remainder of your old plan will be deducted automatically. Your usage limits increase instantly, too.

When you downgrade to a lower plan, the change will take effect at the end of your current billing period. Until then, you can still make the most of the limits of your current plan, before the downgrade takes effect.

Any questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

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