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Invite team members to my organization
Invite team members to my organization
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Empower your business by building your own work team, add and manage new team members to your organization. Create and test prompts together, and bring the power of GPT to your entire organization.

What you should know...

  • Available in all plans.

  • When creating a Promptitude account, an organization is automatically created by default.

  • A user cannot belong to more than one organization.

Add new team member:

1️⃣ Go to Organization & Team:

You can access it from Profile and Account > My Organization section or the user menu (lower left)

2️⃣ Go to Team & Click on “Invite User”:

Find the list of members of your team, edit and change their status from the detail menu.

3️⃣ Invite user:

Add the name and email of the colleague you will invite. And ready!

Keep in mind that you can only invite users with a new Promptitude account, if their email is already registered, you should try another.

A friendly email will be sent to your partner inviting them to join your organization, they will be able to create their account from this email, and you will be working together in less than a minute.

Change team member role:

👉🏻 Admin: Full access to Promptitude, including plans and billing. Create API keys, add AI connections, and invite and manage users.

👉🏻 Editor: Create, edit, and delete prompts, including testing, generating, and access to logs.

Team member status:

🟢 Active: Defines that your colleague can enter your organization in Promptitude with the permissions granted by their current role. The administrators and the owner of the account will be able to modify their role or deactivate it at any time.

🟡 Invited: The user has received his invitation but has not yet accepted it, it is in process with a pending status. The administrators and the owner will be able to modify their role, resend or remove the invitation.

🔴 Inactive: The user will not have access to the account, this will be removed from the team along with his permissions, the information will always be saved. The administrators and the owner will be able to change their status to active at any time.

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