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Are My Prompts and Company Data Secure with Promptitude?
Are My Prompts and Company Data Secure with Promptitude?
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Your prompts and company data are private and secure with Promptitude: From storing your data on our servers to adhering to Europe's stringent privacy laws, we prioritize your data security.

Continue reading to learn how Promptitude keeps your data safe, so you can have peace of mind while using the most advanced AI tools to your advantage.

✅ Your Data is both Private and Secure.

First and foremost, all your data is stored exclusively on Promptitude's servers. Your prompts and company data are kept confidential and are only accessible to you.

✅ We Adhere to Europe's Strong Privacy Legislation.

Promptitude is based in Germany and adheres to Europe's privacy legislation, which is considered the strongest in the world. This means that your data is protected under stringent privacy laws that prioritize data protection and user privacy.

✅ You Bring Your Own API Keys.

When you use Promptitude, you bring your own API Keys for the AI providers you use. This means that your requests are routed through your own account, providing an additional layer of security.

✅ Using Promptitude, AI Providers Will Not Use Your Data for Training.

When generating results, Promptitude uses API access to the AI providers. These providers will not use your prompts and data for training and improving their models. This is unlike when using their free offers like ChatGPT, where your data is being used to enhance their current and future AI models. With Promptitude, your data remains your own.

✅ Your Content Storage is on Promptitude's Servers.

The content you add to Promptitude's Content Storage is only stored on Promptitude's servers. Only the most relevant chunks - found via advanced semantic search - are included into your prompts to enhance their quality. This means that your data is not only secure, but it's also used to provide you with the best possible results.

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