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What are Generations, and how are they counted?
What are Generations, and how are they counted?

Learn what counts as a generation and how many "Generations" are included in your plan.

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What are Generations?

Your application uses Promptitude's API to generate texts via the prompts you've developed and deployed with Promptitude.

So every time you call one of Promptitude's API endpoints, you're making a generation.

How many Generations can I make?

The number of generations you can make per month depends on your plan:






100 Generations

500 Generations

2,500 Generations

10,000 Generations

Custom Generations

Example: You've signed up for the monthly SaaS plan on January 5. That means you can make 10,000 Generations during each billing period (Jan 5 through Feb 5, etc.).

Go to the Plan page to find out when your monthly Generations reset.

What counts as a Generation?

Not every call you make to Promptitude's API counts towards your generation limit:

Only calls that generate a prompt are counted (the /generate API endpoint).

Calls to other endpoints like /rate do not count towards your limit.

Each Prompt Assistant generation will be deducted from your plan's total number of generations.

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