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What are Generations, and how are they counted?
What are Generations, and how are they counted?

Learn what counts as a generation and how many "Generations" are included in your plan.

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What are Generations?

Generations refer to API requests made by your prompts. Each time you use Promptitude's API to generate text via your prompts, you're making a generation.

What counts as a Generation?

  • In Promptitude, you’ll see generations when creating results from the 'Edit' and 'Use' tabs within a prompt, generating from public pages and embeds, via API, or through integrations like Make or Google Sheets.

  • Not every call you make to Promptitude's API counts towards your generation limit:
    Only calls that generate a prompt are counted (the /generate API endpoint). Calls to other endpoints like /rate do not count towards your limit.

  • Each Prompt Assistant generation will be deducted from your plan's total number of generations.

How many Generations can I make?

The number of generations you can make per month depends on your plan:






100 Generations

500 Generations

2,500 Generations

10,000 Generations

Custom Generations

Example: You've signed up for the monthly SaaS plan on January 5. That means you can make 10,000 Generations during each billing period (Jan 5 through Feb 5, etc.).

Go to the Plan page to find out when your monthly Generations reset.

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