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How are prompts counted?
How are prompts counted?

Learn what counts as a prompt and how many "prompts" are included in your plan.

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What are Prompts?

In simple terms, a prompt is a piece of text or a question that you provide to an artificial intelligence system to generate a response. It's like giving the AI a prompt for a writing assignment, and it creates a response based on its training data and algorithms.

The prompts counter will take into account those saved in your private prompts list. You will be able to delete old prompts to create new ones in case you reach the limit or upgrade your plan to get more GPT power and new features.

How many prompts can I make?

The prompt counter is directly related to the limit of your Promptitude plan, remember that they aren't renewable, it is a single amount.






5 Prompts

20 Prompts

50 Prompts

100 Prompts

Custom Prompts

Go to the Plan page to find out how many prompts you have spent.

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