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How does the Inline Embed Prompt work?
How does the Inline Embed Prompt work?

Extend the functionality of your prompts on any website.

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Welcome to the world of Embed Prompts! In this article, we will explain what Embed Prompts are and how they work.

Whether you want to collaborate with your team or create interactive lead magnets, Embed Prompts have got you covered. We'll also guide you on how to share and embed your prompts effortlessly. So, let's get started!

What is an Inline Embed Prompt?

Inline Embed Code makes your prompt ready to be added to any web page through an HTML code provided by Promptitude. This code enables all prompt functionalities, allowing you to generate instant results, including rating and result copying.

You can find all your logs in the prompt details, helping you keep track of your visitors' interactions.

How does it work?

To share and embed a prompt, follow these simple steps:

1️⃣ Activate "Inline Embed" of your Prompt:

Before you can share or embed a prompt, you need to create it.
Configure its parameters, add input variables of different types (from text to list and own content), and finish by specifying the desired type of output.

  • Go to the "Share" tab, here select the tab "inline embed" to copy and configure your code.

  • Activate the switch, and you will immediately see your prompt code.

Remember, you can customize your prompt to fit your brand and make it truly yours. This configuration is generic for your prompt and any form of sharing, from public page to embed code.

  • Click on "Customize Design", choose your logo, select your main color, and activate the white label if your plan contains this feature.

2️⃣ Copy the embed code:

Once your prompt is ready, you will be provided with an embed code. This code is a snippet of HTML that you can place on an external page. The embed code is what allows your prompt to be displayed and interacted with outside the platform.

  • Limit the number of generations per visitor:
    To manage usage efficiently, you can set a limit on the number of generations per visitor. This means that each visitor will only be able to generate a certain number of times.

    Once they reach the limit, they won't be able to generate any more prompts. This feature helps prevent misuse or excessive usage.

Remember to click on "Save" after configuring the advanced options to Limit Usage. This action will update your prompt immediately.

3️⃣ Paste & Share your prompt:

Now paste the code into any HTML editor or "Code" element of website builders, from WordPress to Webflow.

  • Now, you can send the code to your team members or anyone else you want to collaborate with. They can then embed the prompt on their own websites or share it with others as well.

Screenshot: Webflow Example

📌 Bonus: Your embed code and public page are optimized to be responsive and adapt to any screen size.

Screenshot: Webflow Example

Embed Prompts provide a simple and effective way to collaborate with your team and create interactive lead magnets. By sharing and embedding prompts, you can seamlessly integrate them into your workflow or website.

Remember to customize your prompts, and set usage limits to manage access efficiently.

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