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Set up your Community Profile
Set up your Community Profile
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Be an outstanding member of the Promptitude community, publish, share, save and copy other users' prompts, also test them, generate results and review their logs in one place.

What you should know...

  • Supported on any plan.

  • You need a Promptitude account to activate your Community profile

Any user who has a Promptitude account will be able to activate their Community Profile. Open the user menu on the bottom left of your screen, click on Profile & Account, go to My Community Profile, open the accordion and fill in the data you want to be public.

Then click on the Activate button and voilร !
You can see your Community profile in the sidebar tab.

See our own example of what your public profile will look like inside the Promptitude app, keep in mind that it will have the same construction in the library outside the app ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป

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