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Promptitude Community & Guidelines
Promptitude Community & Guidelines
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The Promptitude Community is a free and open space to get inspired and develop your ideas with the help of members committed to working smart, agile and successful.

Manage, publish, test, save and copy prompts that may be of interest to you in one place, contribute both to the community and the community to you. We all make artificial intelligence a subject of knowledge, technological advancement and responsible use.

What can you do in the community...

Publish prompts:
Manage your prompts in your private account, when you consider that it is a perfect example, share it with the public.

Find and manage published prompts, only in your Community profile.

πŸ“Œ Keep in mind:
​A copy of your prompt will be published in your community profile (where you can edit and unpublish it). The original prompt stays private. Editing the original prompt will not affect its public copy, and vice-versa.

Edit the published prompt, modify its variables, change its attributes, save, modify its state, delete it and much more.

You will be able to identify it by a blue upper banner that will maintain a link that redirects to the original private prompt in case you need it.

Test prompt:

Test your prompt with different inputs after being published, switch between AI Connections and check the logs.

Save prompt:

Save your favorite prompts in your bookmarks, you can mark them from Inspiration or entering the detail of a published prompt.

You can find all your favorites in the Inspiration tab, in the Bookmarks category.

Copy to prompts:

If you have a duplicate of a public prompt in your private prompt list, it will be internally marked with the original author's information.

Keep in mind to follow the community guidelines in order to correctly use these duplicates.

What you should know...

  • Supported on any plan.

  • You need an account to duplicate prompts of the Community.

  • You need a Community profile to follow profiles, publish prompts and save them in the bookmarks.

The team behind this space has the challenge of uniting all the people of the world to encourage them to share, discover and experience artificial intelligence and its amazing results beforehand, with responsibility and respect above all else.

Help us build a community of everyone and for everyone by following the guidelines below.

πŸ‘₯ Community Guidelines

Respect the intellectual property rights of others.

Do not copy prompts from other libraries, do not republish prompts from other profiles, and consider the intellectual property regulations. Be an honest and committed member of the good quality of the community.

Please don't duplicate another user's prompt and republish it to the Community without important modifications or alterations.

No inappropriate posts.

Do not publish prompts that obtain fraudulent, inappropriate theme structures or that play with the integrity or health of those who obtain their results. Together we create a healthy community.

Do not violate the privacy of others.

The purpose of the community is to unite experts, newbies and curious people in the world of artificial intelligence, giving many the opportunity to stand out and get in touch. Avoid spamming or invading privacy based on published contact information.

Give credit for the inspiration.

Being a free community, inspiration is available to everyone. Even so, remember to grant credits in case of monetizing a public prompt, this will help to strengthen the group, respect the work of others and be transparent to the public.

Report a Community profile.

Everyone is important in the Promptitude community. If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, please help us by reporting the profile.

Has doubts? Carefully review the privacy policy and terms that govern Promptitude to comply with the required regulations.

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