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Save & Copy Community Prompts
Save & Copy Community Prompts
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The mission of the Promptitude community is to bring together in one place everything you may need to manage your prompts with any provider, and step by step we are achieving it as a team.

Many join without knowing the subject or without being experts, for this reason we make available a free library so that you can save your favorite inspirations, duplicate other people's prompts and use them immediately without restriction.

What you should know...

  • Supported on any plan.

  • You need a Promptitude account & Community profile to save prompts.

  • You need a Promptitude account to copy prompts.

๐Ÿ“Œ Save prompt:

Save your favorite prompts in your bookmarks, you can mark them from Inspiration or entering the detail of a published prompt.

You can find all your favorites in the Inspiration tab, in the Bookmarks category.

โœ๏ธ Copy to prompts:

Make a duplicate of a prompt published in the community for free, it will stay in your list of private prompts.

Remember: You will have to have an AI Connection linked to be able to test and generate results with these prompts.

Keep in mind that you have a provider that matches the model with which this prompt has been published.

If you have a duplicate of a public prompt in your private prompt list, it will be internally marked with the original author's information.

Do you have any questions?
Write to us at [email protected]

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