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Empower Your Chat Assistant by Translating Directly with DeepL
Empower Your Chat Assistant by Translating Directly with DeepL
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In the world of business, communication is key. But what happens when language barriers come into play? That's where Promptitude and DeepL come in. DeepL is a powerful translation tool that you can integrate directly into your Promptitude chat assistant.

This allows you to translate your texts efficiently with a simple request within your conversation. This article will guide you on how to create the DeepL Tool in Promptitude.

1️⃣ Check the DeepL API Documentation

Before you can start, you need to understand the Endpoint structuring and the details needed to connect your service within Promptitude. This might sound technical, but don't worry, Promptitude has made it easy for you.

You can download a ready-to-import template by clicking the following button. This template will provide you with the structure you need to get started.

2️⃣ Include Your DeepL API Key

The next step is to include your own API Key from your DeepL account. This key is like a password that allows Promptitude to access the DeepL translation service. If you don't have a DeepL account yet, don't worry, you can start with a free account.

To get the API Key, you need to sign up for the "DeepL API Free" plan. You can do this by clicking here. Once you have your API Key, include it in the appropriate field in the Promptitude tool.

3️⃣ Save and Start Using Your Tool

Now that you have set up the DeepL tool, save your changes and start using it within your chat. Remember to select only the tools you want to use. Calling the functions will use tokens, just like using them within the chat.

With the DeepL tool, you can now translate texts directly within your chat, making your chats more efficient.

Remember, the DeepL tool is just one of the many ways Promptitude can enhance your chat and prompts. Explore the platform to discover more tools and features that can help you streamline your operations and improve your workflows.

Simple example of the results generated by the DeepL tool within the chat.

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