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How to Create Your First Tool in Promptitude
How to Create Your First Tool in Promptitude
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Welcome to Promptitude, your go-to platform for managing business prompts and chats. One of the most powerful features of Promptitude is the ability to create and integrate tools.

These tools can automate your workflows, connect with your favorite external applications, and even take actions both inside and outside of Promptitude. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of creating your first tool.

What is a Tool?

In the context of Promptitude, a tool is a function that powers your prompts and chats. It helps you carry out processes and actions resulting from your queries to your favorite AI provider. For example, you could create a tool that translates text using DeepL or sends emails from your Gmail account.

How Does a Tool Work?

You can add tools to your prompts and chats in their advanced settings. Once added, your AI provider will take into account your tool and run it according to your specifications when executing your query. You'll be able to see the status of the execution (either OK or Error) and a detailed log to help with debugging.

How to Create a Tool?

Creating a tool involves a few steps:

1️⃣ Specify the general details of your tool: This includes detailing the function of the tool so that the AI understands what task it needs to execute.

2️⃣ Configure your tool: This step requires some technical knowledge, as you'll need to specify the parameters that the function will execute. You'll be adding variables that deliver the necessary information to the AI.

3️⃣ Structure the endpoint: This involves defining the Verb, the URL of the API (if needed), the Body, the content limit, and the timeout. All these details depend on the tool you want to connect with.

4️⃣ Adjust Headers and/or query parameters: This step is necessary for the correct integration of the external tools you want to connect with Promptitude.

5️⃣ Test your tool: Click on 'test' and check the resulting code in the Response column. Verify the response delivered by the AI with both the raw and the predicted response.

Soon you will find a large library of ready-to-use tools official Promptitude. Today, you can export or import tools at the click of a button with just a JSON file.

📌 Important note: The success of many of your tools may depend on correctly adding the API key, which is a unique key that only you, as the user of your external tool, can get.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your first tool in Promptitude today and unlock endless possibilities for automating your workflows!

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