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How to Add Context to Your Chats and Turn Them into a Powerful Assistant
How to Add Context to Your Chats and Turn Them into a Powerful Assistant
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In the world of AI, context is king. It's the secret sauce that turns your chats into a powerful assistant, capable of understanding your intent and generating better responses. With Promptitude, adding context to your chats is as easy as a single click.

This article will guide you through the process, helping you to leverage the power of context and transform your chats into an expert assistant.

✅ What is Context?

Context refers to the linguistic elements that shape the meaning or correct interpretation of a text. It's crucial for understanding and generating coherent text. Language models, such as GPT, use context to predict and complete words or sentences. In Promptitude, context is based on content previously uploaded to the Content Storage.

✅ Why is Context Important?

A good context helps the AI model understand the user's intent and can therefore generate a better response to the input request. It's like providing a clear situation or environment for the AI to work with. The more context you provide, the more accurately the AI can respond to your prompts or chats.

How to Add Context to Your Chat

When creating a new chat in Promptitude, you'll find a gear icon at the bottom. This is where you can configure all the details of your assistant, including the "Context" option. Here's how to do it:

✅ Activate the Context switch: This will allow you to configure the content you want as the basis of your assistant.

✅ Choose the folder or folders of content you want as a base: You can also specify the tags that categorize your ideal information.

✅ Adjust advanced options: With a bit of technical knowledge, you can fine-tune the following settings:

  • Content limit: The maximum number of words the AI will take from your relevant content related to your query.

  • Maximum queries: The maximum number of queries that will be made simultaneously based on your content.

  • Chunks per query: The maximum number of pieces of relevant content the AI will take per query.

  • Section Title & Prefix: Specify how to take the context from your prompt as a new section. A recommended example instruction is "### Context ###".

Turn Your Chat into a Powerful Personal Assistant

By adding context to your chats, you can turn them into an expert assistant in your brand and knowledge. Whether you need an expert marketer for your company or a reliable assistant for your personal information, Promptitude has got you covered. So why wait?

Try it now and experience the power of context!

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