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How to integrate Promptitude into ANY No-Code Platform (Zapier, Make, Bubble, ...)
How to integrate Promptitude into ANY No-Code Platform (Zapier, Make, Bubble, ...)

Learn step-by-step how to access your Promptitude prompts from your favorite no-code automation tool.

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Example: (formerly Integromat)

No worries: Other no-code platforms like Zapier and Bubble work just like that.

1️⃣ Add the HTTP module

Create a new Make scenario or edit an existing one. Start by adding the HTTP module to your scenario:

Choose the Make an API Key Auth request action:

2️⃣ Add your Promptitude API Key

Now you've added the module. Click on it to open its settings, then hit the Add button to add your Promptitude API key:

Head over to Promptitude and open the Prompt you want to use from this scenario. Go to the Integrate tab and copy your Promptitude API Key, including the word Bearer at the beginning.

The text you copy should look like this (without any quotation marks):

Bearer 12345678abcdefg12345678abcdefg12345678abcdefg

Now finish adding the credentials in Make:

  • Name: Promptitude (or any other name you prefer)

  • Key: Paste your API key (including the word Bearer at the beginning)

  • API Key placement: In the header

  • API Key parameter value: Authorization

Hit Create to save the credentials, and you're ready to move on.

Tip: You'll only need to add your Promptitude API Key once. Make stores it safely for you, so when you add HTTP modules in the future, you can simply choose the stored API key.

3️⃣ Configure the HTTP module

Now configure a few settings - you can simply copy-and-paste the values from Promptitude (see screenshot further down):

  • URL: Paste the endpoint url from Promptitude (see below)

  • Method: Select the indicated method from Promptitude (usually POST)

  • Body type: Raw

  • Content type: JSON (application/json)

  • Request content: Paste the suggested body from Promptitude (see below)

You can copy-and-paste most of the values from the Integrate tab of your Prompt in Promptitude.

Important: When copying the body, only copy the content in curly brackets. Do not copy the "const body = " part.

4️⃣ Replace the prompt's input variables with your data

Replace the input variables of your prompt with data from your no-code automation. This will look different depending on

  • which input variables you've defined in your Prompt and

  • which previous triggers and actions you're using in your scenario.

Then click OK to save the settings.

5️⃣ Test your integration

Right-click the HTTP module and pick Run this module only. This will call Promptitude with the input variables you've specified in the previous step, and generate your prompt:

If everything went well, you will see a white bubble at the top-right of your HTTP module. Click the bubble and check if you got a correct result back from Promptitude - it's in the OUTPUT >Bundle 1 > Data > Results > Result field:

6️⃣ Finalize your no-code automation

Now that you got your result back from Promptitude, you can add more actions to your automation and use the result within them.

In the below example, we've added an Email action that will send the generated result via email. To do that, simply insert the data: results: result variable from the HTTP module into the Content of the email:


And that's it! It might look a bit overwhelming at first, but once you've done it a few times, you'll see that it's basically copying-and-pasting a few values from the Integrate tab of your Promptitude prompt.

Running into any roadblocks? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Have fun automating!

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