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How to personalize your Prompts
How to personalize your Prompts

Learn how to add context with your own content to your GPT prompts

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You probably already have an idea of creating a generic prompt, now is the time to go a step further and give it its own context based on content you have previously uploaded with the help of Content Storage.

Step by step

1️⃣ Go to Prompts: Click on the Prompts tab.

2️⃣ Create a new prompt: Click New Prompt and give it a name.

3️⃣ Write your prompt: Start by addressing the reader and providing instructions. Make sure to specify that the answer should be based only on the provided context.

4️⃣ Add input variables: Create input variables for the question and context. For the context variable, switch the type to Content Storage and specify the search query, folder, and maximum number of chunks and words to pull.

5️⃣ Insert variables into the prompt: Copy and paste the input variable names into the prompt using double curly brackets (e.g., `{{question}}` and `{{context}}`).

6️⃣ Generate the answer: Click Generate to execute the prompt and see the results.


🤖 Content assistant

Upload your entire knowledge base to the Content Storage and write a prompt that answers a support question. As the most relevant chunks of your knowledge base are automatically added, the answer will be perfectly tailored to your content.

Prompt Structure:

You're a personal assistant.
Your task is to answer the below question, only taking into account the below context.

### Question ###

### Context ###

Now answer the question:

Add the corresponding variables:

{{question}} The question you want to ask your content, this is defined as String type and the final question will be added in the Example Value.

{{context}} The content to be searched is defined as type Content Storage, where you will choose the folder and the tag in which you want to search the information.

And if you have any questions - just shoot us an email at [email protected]

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