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Which AI providers does Promptitude support
Which AI providers does Promptitude support
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With Promptitude, you can integrate one AI provider, or even several AI providers simultaneously, and manage all their prompts in one place.

So when you're developing and deploying your prompts, you can easily switch between different AI models and even between different AI providers!

Supported AI providers

We're adding new providers and models every month. At this moment, Promptitude supports the following providers:

AI provider

Text generation models

Image generation models

GPT-3.5 (175B)
✅ Text Davinci 003

GPT-3 (175B)
✅ Curie
✅ Babbage
✅ Ada

⚙️ DALL·E (April '23)

AI21 Labs
Jurassic-2 models

Claude models

Cohere (52B)
Command model

GPT-NeoX (20B)✅ Standard & Optimized

GPT-J (6B)
✅ CPU & GPU (fast)

GPT (April '23)
⚙️ GPT-NeoX (20B)
⚙️ GPT-J (6B)

Fairseq (April '23)
⚙️ Fairseq (13B)
⚙️ Fairseq (6B)

Stable Diffusion (soon)
⚙️ 1.5

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