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How to Set Up a Paid OpenAI Account (ChatGPT Plus is not sufficient)
How to Set Up a Paid OpenAI Account (ChatGPT Plus is not sufficient)
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Promptitude helps you create, manage, and use your prompts with ease.

But in order to do the actual text generations, you need a (paid) OpenAI account so Promptitude and OpenAI can connect.

📌 Important: A paid ChatGPT Plus account is NOT sufficient to connect Promptitude with OpenAI. You need to set up a "standard" OpenAI account, as detailed in this article.

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of setting up a paid OpenAI account, so you can start using Promptitude with the powerful OpenAI GPT models.

You don't need to be a developer to follow these steps. So, let's get started!

What is the OpenAI API?

The OpenAI API allows you to access the impressive capabilities of OpenAI's language models, like ChatGPT. With Promptitude and this API, you can create prompts to automate all kinds of tasks, from content generation to data extraction, virtual assistants, and so much more.

ChatGPT Plus vs. OpenAI API Access

Before we dive into the steps, it's essential to understand the difference between ChatGPT Plus and OpenAI API access.

📌 ChatGPT Plus is a subscription plan that costs $20/month, which provides you with general access to ChatGPT. However, this subscription plan only covers usage on their limited web interface and does NOT include access to the OpenAI API.

To use the OpenAI API (which Promptitude needs to work), you'll need a separate paid account that covers API usage.

And no worries: API usage is "pay-as-you-go". You only pay for your actual usage, which starts at $0,002 per 1,000 tokens for the fastest chat model.

Setting Up Your Paid OpenAI Account

Ready to set up your OpenAI account to access the API? Follow these simple steps:

1️⃣ Sign up for an OpenAI account

If you've signed up for ChatGPT in the past, log in using the same email address and password at

If you don't have an account yet, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your information, including your email address and password.

  2. Complete the captcha and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

  3. You might also need to supply your mobile phone number to verify your account - OpenAI takes security seriously, and this helps protect your account.

  4. Click Sign up to create your account.

2️⃣ Set up your paid account

Once you're successfully logged in at

  1. Click the User Menu at the top-right of your screen and choose Manage account.

  2. After the page reloads, click Billing on the left side menu (or directly go to

  3. You'll find a grey Set up paid account button in the center of your screen. Click that button and fill in your company details and credit card.

OpenAI has changed its model from "pay-as-you-go" to "prepaid". So to activate your API you will need to purchase your initial amount of credits, with at least $5 upwards.

3️⃣ Access Your API Key

Getting your API key is easy - just follow the steps in our article How to get your API Key for OpenAI.

And that's it! Now you have a paid OpenAI account that allows you to use the API - and Promptitude integrates seemlessly.

Remember, the ChatGPT Plus subscription and the OpenAI API are billed separately.

And after you've added all your daily prompts to Promptitude, you can probably cancel your ChatGPT Plus subscription, as managing your prompts with Promptitude is much easier - and fun.

And if you have any questions - just shoot us an email at [email protected]

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